Where to from here?

Where to from here?


We all had plans for 2020. Life goals… career aims… spending more time with family… an intention to change job or move house…

Then…boom! A big old Coronavirus punch to the head! 👊

For a few, the restrictions of the last few months came as a welcome opportunity to relax, recharge and re-assess their direction and values. For most, the beautiful idea of ‘home schooling’ and spending quality time with our kids turned out to be a juggling act of work, sibling arguments and struggling with algebraic formulae! This disparity between expectations and reality has led to feelings of guilt, blame and failure for many..

Now that (a little) normalcy is returning you may be feeling emotionally and spiritually drained, and so are the kids – they haven’t been exempt from the frustration and uncertainty and feelings of powerlessness through this period. As parents we want to help them through it but most of the time we’re just too exhausted to show up for them!

This is when it is so important to seek out support. Don’t keep struggling on…

  • Talk to someone… When you speak to friends or family, you’ll find nothing you’re feeling is unique or ‘wrong’ (not that our feelings are ever ‘wrong’). Everyone is struggling in similar ways.
  • If talking to a friend doesn’t help or feel comfortable then please reach out to a counsellor or a support line.
  • Let your high expectations of yourself slide for a while.. perhaps you could do some bulk cooking or get takeout on occasion and take some evenings off to just hang out with the family..
  • Let the housework take a backseat for a bit, there’s got to be an upside to having fewer visitors!
  • Take time out for yourself to recharge without feeling guilty.. pick up the phone to a friend, soak in the bath, meditate, sit with a cuppa (somewhere no-one can find you lol!) or binge Netflix.
  • Do whatever it takes to raise your happy hormone (oxytocin) levels and reduces your stress hormone (cortisol) levels! Cuddles are a great booster of happy hormones so grab a pet, a friend, a partner, your kids and have some good long squishy cuddles!!!

Hopefully some of these ideas help, but if you find you are still struggling to find your ‘new normal’ or holding onto feelings of pent-up anxiety and stress then call us and book in for an Energy Clearing session and lighten the load. Energetic Alignment can help to clear out the old and uncomfortable, whatever is no longer serving you, and make way for the ‘real you’ to shine again. Not to mention, it is crazy relaxing…zzz….

Much love to you and please keep being gentle with yourself 💙