What is energetic alignment ?

Energetic Alignment is a single treatment, given over 12 sessions, that is designed to give your energy system a comprehensive, powerful upgrade by removing the blocks and restrictions that are preventing you from living the life you want.

Each of the sessions has a specific purpose and builds on the previous session. The first session is designed to break down old habits and patterns plus clear and balance your chakras (and can be had as a standalone healing session) before we move on to address other emotional, physical and spiritual alignments during the other sessions, slowly rebuilding all areas to help you to start operating in a powerful way from your unique purpose.

Be aware that this process can create real change in your life.

Why do we need energy healing?

No doubt at some stage you have experienced a misalignment in your physical body, whether it was in your joints, bones or muscles, that affected your whole well-being (e.g. pain, mood changes or sleep disturbances). The discomfort probably caused you to ‘listen to your body’ and visit your practitioner of choice to remedy the situation, whether it was a massage therapist, physio etc.

Although we all learn to take care of our physical self, most people don’t realise that misalignment in our energetic system gives a similar sense of un-wellness.  As a society we tend to ignore our emotional well-being and just ‘soldier on’. We haven’t yet learnt to search out the help we need to maintain ourselves on an energetic level.

This is where Energy Healing, Clearing and Balancing all come in.

Who are our clients?

The reasons our clients search us out vary greatly: from stress, anxiety and overwhelm to relationship changes; struggling with toddlers, teenagers or even ageing parents. We see people who are unhappy in their job and others who have done a lot of work on themselves and are looking for the next step in their spiritual journey.

Sometimes people come to us who have been told to ‘just try it’ by partners, family or friends and they in particular may ask 'is this right for me, right now?' Our answer is always that if something about Energetic Alignment has piqued your interest at this moment in time, then it’s probably exactly what you need in this moment right now!

As the first session can be carried out as a standalone complete treatment, some people like to come along and try Session One to see if it feels right for them before deciding whether to continue on to all 12 sessions. Whatever feels right for you, is good with us.

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It seems that we had it all planned! We knew exactly who we were, what we wanted and what kind of parent we would be, until the babies came. Sometimes it is hard to reconcile your daily life and struggles with the parent you always dreamt of being, and with that gap between dream and reality can come guilt, overwhelm and stress.

Energetic Alignment can help you move through the frustrations towards finding that sense of calm, balance and fun we are all striving for.

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Uncertain Future

Perhaps children have grown up and recently left home or maybe you are retiring or looking for a sea change. Whatever  your age and situation, often there comes a point where we’re not quite sure what the ‘next stage of life’ looks like for us.

Making compromises as a parent, a partner, or in a job, can leave you feeling uncertain about ‘who you are’. Energetic Alignment helps you come into alignment with what feels right to you.

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When you are struggling to communicate in an existing relationship, finding it hard to move on from a past one, or finding the courage to begin anew, taking time to reconnect with yourself is an important part of the journey.

Energetic Alignment can help you to form and develop honest connections and break free from harmful behaviour patterns, transforming your relationships.

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Grief or Loss

Losing a parent or other significant loved one can be a difficult process. Many clients struggle to deal with the emotions that arise not only from the loss but the difficult family battles that may also occur at this difficult time.

Energetic Alignment can help you to understand and process these emotions, find peace and calmness and restore balance after a loss.

What about after?

Between sessions

The beautiful thing about Energetic Alignment is that you don’t need to ‘do’ anything. You will take what you need out of each session whether you’re fully aware and present, meditating or asleep!

Sometimes during a session you may find that old thoughts and feelings can come up, or perhaps in the following days.  Whilst the majority of old situations and feelings will clear or diminish simply by bringing them into your awareness, occasionally those feelings and energies may linger, leaving you feeling a little unsettled.

If that happens during your journey then my suggestion is to 'listen to yourself' and do what feels right to you. It may be that you need to say ‘no’ to certain people or situations and take time out for yourself; you may like to journal or talk to a friend about it, or my personal favourite is to get out into nature.

In my experience most negative energy and feelings can be cleared by simply heading to the ocean and taking a deep breath or, even better, by getting your feet into the salt water!

Beyond Session 12

Once you have had your 12 sessions, you have essentially ‘finished’ the Energetic Alignment process and you do not need to have the treatment over again.

However, we do find that the structure that has been put in place continues to develop over the next 9 to 12 months and during that time many people feel that they benefit from the continued support of returning to receive an Energetic Alignment top-up. This is like adding extra layers of paint, or additional insulation, to a house you’ve just built. It’s simply making it better and stronger.

Like all aspects of Energetic Alignment, the desire for ongoing sessions is very individual and I simply suggest that you listen to yourself.

When you feel out of sorts or life throws some challenges your way then that is usually the time to book in a top up. I personally felt I benefitted from the support of monthly sessions for the first year or so after I completed my treatment, however now I simply book a treatment when I feel the need for some 'me-time' or when life has become a little extra chaotic.