Anita Cassidy

Anita Cassidy

A powerful energy healing session started me on my Energetic Alignment journey.

The journey, which has continued well beyond the initial 12 sessions, initiated huge growth in me as a person, a partner and especially as a mother. I feel blessed to be able to help other people, especially mums, to feel that renewed sense of calm and balance through Energetic Alignment too.

I have now been treating clients in Morayfield (QLD) and the surrounding suburbs for the past seven years.

Contact Anita

Phone: 0401 967 280
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: An Energetic Journey
Location: Morayfield, QLD


I spent ten years as a health coach, living what I taught, but coaching people to change their habits without a way to help them change their belief systems burnt me out. Then I experienced a powerful energy healing session that created lasting change and it inspired me to train so that I could share this transformational journey with others.

What I Believe

I love to see and help others experience personal growth. It is truly rewarding to witness the changes in clients as they move along their own energetic journey.

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